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She Is Fire – One-On-One Coaching Program

A program for girls who want to feel empowered and worthy.

What if you could…

Learn to love and accept yourself just as you are – without changing a thing. How good would that feel? To know that you are enough, right here, right now, not dependent on the size of your body, the grade on your paper, or the opinion of others.

Confidently go to school, work, parties, life without constantly questioning and overthinking the things you do and say. Sound familiar? How often do you replay conversations in your head? Wondering if you were too nice, too mean, too rude, too awkward, too this, too that…it doesn’t have to be this way.

Change the way you think, feel and talk about yourself. Is the voice in your head kind and gentle or mean and harsh? Does she lift you up or knock you down? We have to live with ourselves FOREVER so we might as well make friends with the inside voice.

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Breakthrough Intensive Sessions

Breakthrough Intensive Sessions are for girls who are ready to take quick action to reach their desired goal. Whether that goal is to feel better, decrease anxiety, increase inner kindness, find ways to cope, figure out where to even begin, breakthrough sessions are an incredibly powerful way to uncover your answers. Deep down we all know what we need to do to feel what we want to feel and have what we want to have BUT we don’t always know the right questions to ask. Breakthrough sessions leave you feeling empowered, motivated and clear while also feeling supported and understood.

“My breakthrough session with Stephanie was amazing. I felt like she was one of my girlfriends by the end of our phone call. She challenged me to see my life through a different lens. I love that she asked me how my future life would feel, it’s helped me to manifest the feelings I’ve been searching for for so long. Stephanie has an amazing way of connecting you to your inner-self and helping you see how worth it you are. My future does not seem so unattainable anymore. She helped give me a new found confidence in myself!” -M

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