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Hi! I’m Stephanie

Bestselling Author, Certified Inner Kindness Coach, Podcaster, and all around lover of GIRL POWER. 

Five years ago I got out of an abusive relationship that left me in the deepest darkest place of my life. It wasn’t until I discovered the power of Inner Kindness that I was able to pull myself out of it. 

My mission in life is to reach and empower as many girls as possible to recognize and own their worth. There’s way too much pressure to be, do, have, and act a certain way – FORGET THAT – you are worthy exactly as you are without changing a thing.

Recently, I launched the I AM MOVE Movement which is a massive community of girls deciding and declaring to the world that they are more. More than the size of their bodies, the mistakes they have made, the things that have happened to them, the judgments, the stereotypes, the comments, all of it. The I AM MORE Movement shop is open. Click here to grab your gear! T-shirts & hats are now live.

My fave thing to do right now is Podcast. As host of the Girl Kind podcast (available on iTunes and Google Play), I get to have raw, real, and vulnerable conversations about the tough and juicy stuff. Girl Kind is a podcast dedicated to Inner Kindness, Self-Acceptance, and all things meaningful living. Weekly episodes give you fresh ideas, helpful, practical, and empowering tips and tools, tons of storytelling and ever-inspiring interviews.

With Kindness Book

With Kindness captures the unmistakable power and necessity of diving deep into a state of inner kindness. All the hope without all the struggle. If you’re looking for transformation, this is it.

You deserve a life filled with conditionless self-acceptance, meaningful connections and a deep understanding of yourself and your world. The 3 key elements within this book are made up of revelations that will launch you into a life filled with all that you desire. Are you ready?

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